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About Us:
Our Story

BOBGA ENTERPRISE As company, has always been dedicated to delivering outstanding products and services to our customers. We have many excellent practices and procedures in place that have helped us to protect quality of our world-class brands across each of our lines of business.

BOBGA ENTERPRISE focuses mainly on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) commodities from sourcing, transporting, storage of Sugar, Rice, flour, vegetable oils (crude palm oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, Beef, chicken, wines, beverages, washing soaps, Bathing Soaps, Maize Flour, Maize, soybeans, kidney beans, Salt, seasoning and dried spices.

We are the leader in providing a range of different products and services to our customers which includes wholesale products, distribution and logistics support. We are experts in supplying all industries of the market with quality products as per their requirements and specifications.

Our extensive knowledge of the Cameroonian, African, European, American, Latin American, Asia and Middle East markets have helped us in building and developing long term partnership agreements and food item contracts with customers from a diverse background globally. It is in our best interest to work closely with all aspects of the supply and distribution chain including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other entities. We supply food item and fast moving good products to a range of different customers, both through bulk container shipments of goods, as well as ready packaged products.

At BOBGA ENTERPRISE, we are passionate about offering high quality food items and other fast-moving consumer goods. We strive to ensure that high quality products that influence lives in a positive manner are supplied. It is essential that these products become a part of the end-user’s everyday life. After many years of developing a successful company and brand name in the region, BOBGA ENTERPRISE is now recognized as multidimensional and diverse food distributor. We aim to strive towards both backward and forward integration.

In addition, BOBGA ENTERPRISE has also forged partnerships with Globally renowned manufacturers, suppliers and industry leaders from Brazil, Turkey, Germany, England, China, Italy, India and the likes for joint ventures and combined resource in attaining partnerships in global commodity sourcing in attaining company growth.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life  while contributing to the security of a healthy future for all and providing high returns for stakeholders.

Our mission

To uphold excellent business practices and provide impeccable products and services through exquisite customer service.

Bobga Group

Our team
Our People have built a successful and reputable name throughout the areas we operate in and beyond.
BOBGA ENTERPRISE, Managers, personnel and administrative staff Works together to provide effective products, services and solutions to our clientele.
Employee Relations
We consider our workforce as one of our key assets and attribute our success to their relentless hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. We strongly believe that healthy employee relationships promote productivity, motivation, and morale of workforce.
Our employee relation specialists explain policies, manages, advice employees and management on issues concerning emloyees. Special focus is given to resolve internal problems, maintain positive relations and strike a balance between the needs of the employee and that of the Company.

At BOBGA ENTERPRISE we adopt an internal resource within the HR department to make sure employees are consulted on;
 New and existing policies
 Benefits and packages
 Compliance with Industry Standards and applicable laws
 Contracts and negotiations

BOBGA ENTERPRISE maintains a safe, healthy and pollution free work environment at our sites and at our client’s sites.
We have a legacy of executing complex transactions. Challenging business requires vigilance and precision. So we have an injury free track record because of our excellent safety standards, effective management skills and timely delivery regardless. That’s our forte.
Our corporate policies promise the best in regional health, safety and environmental guidelines.
Our dedication to the health and safety of our employees guide our course of action as we strive at all times to minimize accidents and occupational health hazards. Safety is an integral part of our operations.
Skills & Quality
We are a proactive company providing positive, effortless and enjoyable business acumen and related experiences.
Customer service
We Provide results-oriented advertising, public relations, and marketing designed to meet our client’s objectives by providing strong marketing concepts and excelling at customer service.
We seek to become a marketing partner with our clients. We desire to measure success for our clients through awareness, increased sales, or other criteria mutually agreed upon between us and the clients.
We are committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission, to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and experience.
We provide strategic counsel, creative solutions and timely, responsive services.
Quality Assurance – In addition, safety and quality components are built into our short interval business schedules. Through in-house process teams, we seek ways to improve our operations. Customer surveys often suggest areas of improvement which has been practice in all our business. Our management and supervisors meet regularly to share their best practice experiences and conformance to industry standard practices. Process teams have and constantly studied and have made recommendations for short interval production scheduling thus increasing constant business improvement though out the year.


Bobga group has global footprints in Benin, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Dubai, Brazil, USA, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Hong Kong
Suit 114 First floor NWCA Building Commercial Avenue,
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      BOBGA groupHeadquarters
      To improve the quality of life while contributing to the security of a healthy future for all and providing high returns for stakeholders.
      OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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      BOBGA GroupHeadquarters
      To improve the quality of life while contributing to the security of a healthy future for all and providing high returns for stakeholders.
      OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
      GET IN TOUCHBOBGA Group Social links
      Join us on social media

      Copyright by Bobga Group. All rights reserved.

      Copyright by Bobga Group. All rights reserved.